• You will need: 2 Cups of Nalaas Chakki Fresh Atta Flour, 4 tbsp Vegetable Oil, Salt for Taste and 3/4 Cup Warm Water.
  • In a bowl, mix together Nalaas Chakki Fresh Atta flour, vegetable oil & salt and mix well using fingers.
  • Slowly add about 3/4 cups warm water, just enough to form a firm dough and knead till smooth
  • Divide into small balls about golf-ball size, and roll out into 3" wide puris on an oiled board
  • Heat vegetable oil for frying in a kadhai
  • Fry the puri one at a time, holding them under the oil on the first side until they puff.
  • Turn and fry until light brown & place on paper-toweled dish to absorb excess oil.
  • Naalas Poori is ready to taste!
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