• Quality

    At Christy Quality Foods, quality is the most important benchmark against which each and every product is evaluated. We understand that as far as food products are concerned, there can be absolutely no compromise on agreed standards. Therefore, all our food products go through stringent and multiple quality checks are certified by our in-house Quality Assurance (QA) Lab.

    At the QA Lab experienced scientists and technicians continuously monitor food quality. It is responsible for controlled purchases, seamless production and implementation of good manufacturing practices. The QA Lab also regularly undertakes product upgrades and new product development. The Lab is also responsible for maintaining hygiene in the plant through housekeeping and pest and rodent control.


    The facility, spread over 3 acres in a pollution free area, is equipped with state of the art machinery from Muhlenbau, Bangalore. The raw materials go through an automated cleaning process. The plant has a manufacturing capacity of 25 tons of whole wheat flour per day.


    At Christy Quality Foods, we closely track and control our Carbon footprint. We have a TNPCB approved Effluent Treatment Plant on the premises. The plant treats and cleans the waste water, which is used to water our green belt.