Christy Quality Foods sources and markets a variety of Millets across India as per customer requirements. The grains undergo multiple quality checks, are packed hygienically, and then distributed across the country. Affordable and of high quality, Millets sourced and distributed by Christy Quality Foods have become an integral part of people’s diet across the country.

Finger millet – Commonly known as Ragi, Finger Millet is a rich source of Amino Acid Methionine, Calcium and Protein.

Pearl millet – Also known as Bajra, Pearl Millet is a good source of Protein, Calcium and Phosphorous.

Foxtail millet – Commonly known as Kang and Rala in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Foxtail Millet is an important part of diet of people living in that region.

Barnyard millet – Also known as Jhangora, Samo, Morio, Bhagar and KuthiraiVaali, Barnyard Millets are not only eaten as a part of regular diet, but even during fasting. Hence these are also known as ‘Vrat ke Chawal’ or ‘rice for fasting’.

Kodo millet – Kodo Millet is a worthy substitute for wheat and rice. Rich in protein and Fibre, it is usually ground into flour and used to make pudding.

Little Millet – Also known as Moraiyo, Kutki, Shavan, Sama, Samai, Samalu, and Halvi, Little Millet is rich in Protein.

Proso Millet – This variety of Millets is Gluten Free, making it especially useful for people who cannot tolerate Wheat.

Sorghum – Popularly known as Jowar, Sorghum is a rich source of Calcium.

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